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Frequently Asked Question

How can I register to one of the courses?


You can do it through the live chat, by e-mail, through  the contact form from the web or you can contact us in any of the following numbers:


+44-7753110991 ( Whastapp)

+54 247415475138


Does the price include the plane ticket?


No, it doesn’t. 


Do I need a visa?


You don’t need a visa for courses where you only study. If the course involve any kind of job you will need a visa or Dual Citizenship ( EU). If this is your case, we will be happy to explain you how to proceed.


who are the younger students travelling with?


Foryourself go with them, also there are teachers that are coming as well. At the same time the schools provide supervision 24 hours.


Do I need travel insurance?


Yes, travel insurance is required for all courses except “Summer Camp”with St. Giles. We will gladly explain which ones are the insurance requirements and guide you through to this process.


At the end of the course, do I get a certificate?


Yes, each courses has a Certificate of achievement – upon completion of the course.


Do I need to book in advanced?


Depending on the course, for example for "Summer Camp" you will need to book a place. The cost is £100 that will be deducted from the total cost of the course. The difference has to be paid one month before the date of arrival.


How long in advance do I have to book for a course?


Everything depends on the chosen course, but it is recommended from 3 to 6 months. Courses such as "Summer Camp" or "Winter camp", the period extends up to 1 year prior to arrival.


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